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GenerationY gels with Internet

Social networking on Facebook, Twitter, tools like instant messaging, chat are being adopted as new modes of networking by the “Generation Y” of India says TCS GenY survey 2011-12, released on 23rd May 2012. It reveals that smart devices and online access are making GenY “instant connectors.”

This survey not only gives an idea of how we keep in touch, but also about how we use tools on Internet. About 85 percent of the respondent used Facebook, 84 percent access internet from their homes. 79 percent own mobiles and 68 percent Own and access the internet through a PC. 45 percent use email as a tool of communication while 59 percent make voice calls. 33 percent spend more than an hour on the internet everyday.

It finds common trends among urban high school students across India but also reveals differences between metros and upcoming Tier II towns with 74 percent respondents using Internet for school related work.

This survey included over 12,300 high school students across 12 cities. This survey is a documentation of how Internet is transforming the way people are conducting their academic and social lives.


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