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chotu – bade kaam ki cheez at 1099

The Mehrauli based Celestial Tech Vates Ltd, chazemobile has launched a cheap multimedia enabled decent mobile phone at just INR 1099. Sounds surprising. Yes, it is.

This dual SIM phone supporting GSM has got a durable rubberized keypad. It has an expandable memory of upto 4 GB. The phonebook capacity is for upto 500 entries.

The phone has a MP3 player, have a thik thak 1.3MP camera, has FM radio.. and hold on… the list continues. It has got a built-in torch light, mobile tracking features, an auto call recorder, private data protection system and a dual charging points for a quicker charge. Wait there’s more… it also supports Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, etc. apps through its Chaze Smart Zone. It also features an answering machine. Cool.

One of the cheapest mobile in Indian market with a whole set of good features, hope this mobile will also rock in its performance. Chotu does sounds to be “bade kaam ki cheez” as the tagline says, and would surely throw a challenge to others mobile handset manufacturers.

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