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5 years jail term for hacking facebook Id

Vipin Kumar Chouhan, may be sentenced to five years imprisonment for an act of hacking into someones’ facebook id and posting obscene lines on the person’s wall. This is a warning for others who engage in fun of hacking into others account and trying to defame or settle personal scores.

Vipin, a doctor pursuing PhD in microbiology in the SMS Hospital Jaipur, allegedly enacted this small act of fun and cracked the password of the facebook account of his senior in the same department. He then, posted few obscene lines on his senior’s wall. He was arrested by the Moti Doongri police under the Information Technology Act 2005/2008 on May 29.

This twenty seven-year-old would be doctor,  may be sentenced to a jail term that can extend to five years and a fine of Rs one lakh, if found guilty.

Under section 66 C of the Act fraudulently or dishonestly make use of the electronic signature, password or any other unique identification feature of any other person, could invite jail for three years and fine upto INR one lakh. Under Section 67

publishing or transmitting lascivious material shall be punished on first conviction for two- three years and fine upto five lakhs, and in  the event of a second conviction this might invite a jail for five years and fine upto ten lakh INR.

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