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Buttons, which will revolutionize touchscreen

What if buttons could morph out of the surface of your device?, ask Tactus Technology.


Because they offer an answer – a new dimension of user interface – application-controlled, completely transparent physical buttons that rise up from the touch-screen surface on demand.

Sounds WOW. Yes it is.

Tactus Technology is set to revolutionize the touchscreen by developing a new tactile user interface for touch-screen devices. The buttons (concrete physical buttons) could rise from the device and the user could push and type or rest their fingers as they would with any physical button or keyboard. When disabled, the buttons merge into the screen leaving a smooth and you get a seamless flat touch-screen with maximum viewing area.

This technology called Tactile Layer technology, easily integrates with today’s touchscreen-based devices (smart phones, tablets, personal navigation systems, gaming devices, etc.) by simply replacing the front layer of the display stack, known as the “lens”, “window” or “cover glass”. The dynamic Tactile Layer component is the same thickness as the layer it replaces and requires no change to the underlying display or touch sensor. The company says the features of this later are that it could work with with existing touch sensing and display technologies with minimum power consumption. It could replace the window and sits on top of the existing touch scree. The button layouts, shapes, location and sizes can be customized.

The technology would be useful for persons who have problems with vision.
More :http://www.tactustechnology.com/technology.html

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