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Twitter flows with scam renames today

The angry and the agitated people of India has opted to make a noise on twitter. The tweet river flows today with a list of scams and malpractices, naming the current government in center responsible for these.

People are recalling all the scams and malpractices and renaming it in relation to the recent government.

Some of the scams and ill practices renamed are- “balatkari bachao yojna”, “… Khel Khel Main Looto Yojna”, “”Karlo Patrakaar Mutthi Mein Yojna” “Free biryani meal for kasab yojna”. The list is now as lengthy as more than 100 and people are adding and sharing tweets.

In the wake of recent petrol price hikes and spiralling inflation Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has launch a nationwide agitation. This two week long agitation will end on June 22 when its top leaders and workers will court arrest in support of the agitation. Yesterday after the Madras High Court declined to dismiss a petition challenging the election of P Chidambaram to the Lok Sabha in 2009, leaders of BJP demanded that the Union Home Minister must quit.

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