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How to make a strong password

Recent LinkedIn password hack tells us about the vulnerability of passwords. Our security of our life on Internet is related directly to the passwords. What we could at least do, is choose passwords that are strong.

Here is how you could make a strong password –

(1) Words, phrases, names, days which have personal significance are easy to predict and hence should be avoided.

(2) Long password is always better. Don’t make a password which is less than 6 characters. Anything less can be cracked from brute force software says Wikihow.

(3) Use a mix of alphabets, numbers and symbols. This is called “pseudo-random alpha-numeric combination”. This makes the password strong and difficult to even imagine. In addition to this – use alphabets in both lower and upper case. For example – g@M3$a:0I56L# will be difficult to crack.

(4) Try to remember password and avoid writing it down anywhere. Find a better way like sentence/pattern to remember your passwords.

(5) Another must not do is use of the same password for everything. If someone finds your one password, all your ids become accessible. For sensitive things you could make one password, and for other things you could make one or two passwords.

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