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7 iPad accessories for your kitchen

Mashable reports 7 iPad accessories for your kitchen –
1. Belkin Kitchen Cabinet Mount – Great option for smaller kitchens as it takes up no counter space and, with its clamp fix, is easily removable for storage. Price: $49.99
2. PadTab Wall Mount for iPad – Stick your iPad to the kitchen wall, a cabinet or your fridge. ThinkGeek offers a budget solution with the PadTab. The kit contains not one, but two wall mounts. Price: $19.99
3. Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus – A great solution for cooks who like to get messy in the kitchen, Belkin’s chef stand comes with a washable stylus, while the base boasts a non-slip rubber finish for stability. Price : $39.99
4. Joseph Joseph CookBook Compact Folding Bookstand – If you vary between recipe books and your iPad, this is a tidy solution, especially considering it folds up like a book for easy storage. Price: $29.99
5. Belkin Fridge Mount for iPad 2 – A snazzy solution for anyone who wants their iPad 2 at eye-height, Belkin’s refrigerator mount affixes with sticky strips. You can easily snap your iPad in and out as suits. Price: $39.99
6.STEELIE Tabletop Kit This gorgeous minimalist design keeps your iPad safely off the countertop and adjustable to the perfect viewing angle. Price: $65
7. iPad Chef Sleeves – Finally, if you’re a really messy cook and fear for your iPad’s safety in a kitchen environment, then we have the ideal solution. The iPad “Chef Sleeves” will protect your tablet from spills and other kitchen debris, whilst maintaining display touchability. Price: $19.99 for 25 reusable sleeves
  1. August 2, 2012 at 7:14 am

    Wow! Very great accessory for iPhone..a must have! Thank you for sharing this. I am actually looking for something like this to put in my iPhone. I hope I can find a store to buy these iPhone accessories. Please keep on posting new iPhone accessories so we could be informed about the latest. Thanks =)

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