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Solar Technologies That Will Thrive

For every revolutionary advance in solar, there are countless evolutionary dead-ends — technologies that were well worth exploring, but ones that ultimately failed to live up to the mantra of “cut costs or die.”  In a new report titled “Searching for Game Changers in Photovoltaics (PV) Materials Innovations,” Lux Research details the emerging technologies that will thrive and those that will eventually sputter out. Along the way, the report gives us a couple new acronyms to squirrel away as we consider the ROI on our R&D.

The report offers a fair warning to those who assume that the U.S. will continue its role as innovators while China takes on the function of manufacturing. Many of the technologies that currently dominate PV were developed in American laboratories and academic institutions. But China is making significant investments within its own universities and government research institutes. The end result, says Lux, is that the innovation gap will soon close.

The Technology Winners – (1) Epitaxial-Si  (2) Copper zinc tin sulfide cell technology

The Technology Losers – (1) Ion Implantation (2) Quantum dots and nanowire cell technologies

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