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Youth arrested for abusing girl on facebook

Police arrested 23 year old boy on account of sexual offences via facebook.

Henry Allen Ross, was inappropriately communicating with a 12-year-old girl through Facebook.  the girl did not respond to Ross’s messages for a couple of months. He was arrested by the Tulsa Police, when the girls uncle made a plan with the police to meet Ross at his place.

He was asking questions about her sexual experience, things she likes to do, would she like to do this, would she be willing to let him do this, informed the police to Fox23.com.The girl lied about her age and said she was 14. She was uncomfortable answering Ross’s questions and when he Uncle approached her, she told him so. Her uncle pretended to be the girl and continued the conversation till Ross invited the girl to his place. With the help of the police Ross was later arrested. 

Attraction of young boys and girls to social networking sites is a natural thing. Such platforms now being available at the touch of a button on a smartphone makes the situation more vulnerable. The Tulsa case is an eye-opener for parents and for youngsters. Parents need to prepare their children for the tech-world and this new kind of social friendship platforms apart from sex education. The young ones are also on more susceptible for various kind of abuse and hence need to maintain some restrictions while on social network.

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