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24 hackers arrested by FBI: All betwen 18 to 25 years

24 hackers, all men and young between the age 18 to 25 years were arrested by the US law enforcement agency. According to Stabroek News yesterday, all of them were  arrested after a sting operation spanning four continents that targeted online financial fraud of stolen credit card and bank information.

11 people were arrested in US, 13 were arrested in countries from Britain to Japan. Searches were also conducted in Australia. The arrested were all men aged 18 to 25. Some face up to 40 years or more in prison if convicted on conspiracy to commit wire fraud charges and access device fraud charges.

This raises serious questions about the hacker community. Are these mostly men and youngsters, in university or just complete university?

The FBI posed as hackers on Internet forums in this two-year ling investigation and watched as swapped methods for breaching data security walls and creating fake credit cards that would work for Internet and in-person purchases. FBI created a secret “carding forum” in June 2010, which was an online market for registered users to exchange stolen account numbers. It was later shut down.  This probe prevented $205 million in possible losses on over 411,000 compromised consumer credit and debit cards.


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