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Hackers are young, or, Crackers are Young?

  1. In Russia, police detained a hacker who created a system of networked computers and stole more than 150 million rubles ($4.47 million) from people’s bank accounts. The network infected  around 6 million computers with a Trojan virus helping access to user’s bank accounts. The hacker is 22-year-old men.
  2. This week, FBI made 24 arrests of hackers  after a sting operation spanning four continents that targeted online financial fraud of stolen credit card and bank information. All of these hackers were men between the age 18 to 25 years.
  3. The Bulgarian police in Feb this ear arrested an alleged member of the loosely associated Anonymous hacktivist group, for website of Prophon, a Bulgarian music licensing company. He was against paying for music and movies. It was a 20-year-old boy
  4. In March this year, hacker who was the first person to “jailbreak” an iPhone was booked and charged with felony marijuana possession by the police in Sierra Blanca, Texas. He jailbroke the iPhone by physically taking it apart. The hacker was a 22 year old boy has worked with Google and, up until recently, as a software engineer at Facebook.
  5. The LuckyCat virus which attacked Indian computers for about 10 months was devised by a former graduate student (male again) at the Sichuan University, Chengdu, China. He is working at Chinese portal Tencent and was recruiting students for his school’s computer security and defense research.
  6. Computer expert of Sunny Bank, Kingswood, used a router to tap into BT phone boxes and made hours of calls to expensive numbers, worth £10,000 of premium-line bills. He is a the 27-year-old.
  7. 2 British members of Lulz Security hacking collective pleaded guilty to computer crimes today. They are Male, 20 years and 19 years. They did DDoS attacks against several targets, including CIA, Arizona State Police, PBS, Sony, Nintendo, 20th Century Fox, News International and the U.K.’s Serious Organized Crime Agency and National Health Service.
  8. In March this year the 5 members arrested (suspects), belonging to the Anonymous group of hacktivists, 23, 29, 25, 19 and 27. They are all men.
  9. A 30 year old Linux administrator from Galveston, Texas was arrested by FBI and charged with unauthorized access to a protected computer and posting vulgar pics of his girlfriend.
  10. February this year, Interpol arrested 25 suspected members of the the Anonymous hacker group across Europe and South America. All were aged between 17 and 40 including 17 year old.
  11. Federal Judge in Boston, sentenced a man, Ryan Harris, 28 to three years in prison to step up a crackdown nationwide on computer fraud.

Teenage hackers have always been in abundance mentions cyberwarzone.

But, why are the young turning to hacking?

Part answer is the 22 year old Slavas case. A Russian, an accomplished athlete at teenage, fanatic lover of high-risk sports like snowboarding, skiing has taken to hacking. A snowboarding accident left him paralyzed from the waist down. Salva says ”For me, hacking is mostly sport. But if someone offered me big money to hack someone else’s system, I’d give it serious consideration.” For young people in Russia, a country where Internet use is growing rapidly but where there is still a frustrating lack of jobs, hacking has become a subculture with a strong allure.

Frustrations of not being able to do something, being able to harass someone, to earn more, to avail benefits for free, wanting to make a point through demonstrating power/control, might be some of the reasons.  Also governments taking a strong step by decided hackers as a threat to computer security also adds to the bucket of reasons. I suspect that most members of Anonymous group are young techies, advocating information should be free. Hacking as such has also increased as a tool of state sponsored espionage, so number of hackers has also increased. The Young are a part of it as indicated in the case of LuckyCat operation.

Last …. young geeks were always dominating the Tech world…. (a blanket statement :))

Is it that young are turning to hacking or the difference between hackers and crackers is diminishing.

Well, the question remains to be analysed- why are the young turning to hacking or cracking?


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