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Monsoon time – Akash again in the sky

Its monsoon time in India and Akash- the much awaited, much talked about and enough criticized low cost tablet again appeared in Akash.

The 1st $35 version of course got washed away without reaching anybody with its share of twists and turns. The next version Aakash 2, is set to launch in August for a price of  $39 now. (Rs. 2,263).

This tablet will run on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system and and will have a 2GB flash storage, a 256 MB RAM and a 800Mhz processor. It has a 7-inch capacitive multi-touchscreen, supports Wi-Fi and GPRS a micro SD card slot and a USB port, but doesn’t have a 3G compatibility.

The original Aakash tablet was bashed by the users for having poor responsiveness and bad quality overall.

Akash I was being manufactured Datawind along with IIT Rajasthan. First news reports showed that it has been decided that Akash would be given to school kids for trial. The price tag would have been around Rs. 1100 for the kids and around Rs. 3000 in the market. Few months later there was a decision that these will be given to university students, at around Rs. 2,200. Something went wrong and Akash went into oblivion. We also heard of a rift between these two, because IIT Rajasthan wanted the tablet to be water-proof and loaded with military-style specifications, which Datawind didn’t approve of.

In the Budget 2012-13, about Rs 765 crore was allocated for the second phase of the project expected to begin this April.

The project went to IIT-Bombay. The HRD Minister, Kapil Sibal is now confident about the release of Aakash 2. Hope this time it reaches the market successfully.

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