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Lost interest in Pinterest?

According topinterest- Branding Personality a story by Robert Gembarski, “What Can Pinterest Provide That Other Social Media Like Facebook and Twitter Can’t?” published last week in brandingpersonality.com – to many people, Pinterest is nothing more than a fun place to waste time, check out cool pictures, and share images with your friends/followers.

But, for some, it something one could use for her company to give herself a competitive social media advantage.  Pinterest isn’t just about sharing cool pictures; it’s about catching the eye of another with something other than text. Pinterest is all about aesthetics – you need to take your product and put it out there in a way that will set it apart from other things of a similar category.

It’s helpful to get into the mindset that Pinterest is a collection of magazine pages that can be turned into mini-magazines (aka pinboards). So what’s the special thing about these ‘magazines’? They’re personally tailored to the individual and get rid of all the clutter physical magazines bring about. Organization and cleanliness is always a good thing. So What can Pinterest provide that other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can’t?


On Facebook and Twitter people discuss trends, topics, and share information, but everyone has their own mental image of what their reading. Putting an image in front of a person/client/customer puts them on the same page. Don’t just look at Pinterest as a way for you to market a product. See Pinterest as an asset that can help your company recognize what people are looking at. If you’re in retail, for example, you can see what pictures are generating more traffic. That valuable information gives you the advantage when it comes to pushing specific products towards customers. Knowing what the customer is looking at helps your company’s productivity increase and save time that would be forgone marketing products people aren’t necessarily interested in.

Visual Brand

A lot of the time companies get lost in translation online and only their brand logo appears here and there. Brands are often described online – written about in plain text with nothing else creative to support it. Sure, crafty wording can be interesting, but compared to the billions of other brand description, there’s not too much to be unique. Pinterest is a great tool because people can put an image to your company based on the photos/information you share with them. Images are more stimulating and memorable and offer a company a solid way to make an immediate impact with a customer.

In a world where people are on the move and browse information at a very surface level, images are a successful way to capture someone’s attention and draw them in. No one wants to read long wordy-articles anymore. Using catchy and relevant images on Pinetrest will boost traffic and draw people in at a more rapid rate than those who are restricted to reading content.

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