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Russia joins Internet censoring league


All the four parties in the Russian parliament have created a bill, which seeks to censor the Internet. This would create  a unified blacklist to block access to websites containing “banned pornography, drug ads and promoting suicide or extremist ideas.”

The bill is a series of amendments to existing laws and will be presented on July 6th this year.

If the amendments pass, Roskomnadzor, the Russian federal service for supervision of communications, IT, and mass media will be in charge of the blacklist, and will work through a non-profit organization to monitor compliance.

Is a website is found to contain illegal content, it will b given 24 hours to remove the content, failing which the  site will be entered on the blacklist. The opposition is already comparing this effort to the Chinese “great firewall”.

As the Financial Times has reported, there already have been questionable cases of harassment and attempted censorship on .ru domains. Compromat.ru, which publishes stories on official corruption in Russia, was closed by a Moscow prosecutor, and moscow-post.ru, a news site, suffered a similar fate. Both websites subsequently relocated to .net or .com domains.

(source: http://venturebeat.com/2012/07/04/russia-looks-to-censor-the-internet-of-porn-drugs-suicide-and-extremism/)

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