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Check for DNSChanger malware infection

On Monday, FBI will be switching off its temporary servers which it used to keep those infected with the malware- DNSChanger on the Internet. The organization says maintaining the servers is costly and that therefore the agency won’t extend its support from 9 July 2012.

In 2011 FBI disrupted the crime ring and converted the rogue servers to clean servers to give infected users time to fix their systems. It is believed that there were more than 4 million infected PCs and Apple Mac computers across 100 countries in 2011, with about 500,000 in the United States. The temporary fix has allowed a majority of those infected to get their computers fixed, however, it is still believed that there are about 10 percent still infected, with 46,000 in the United States.

As per a news report in the Hindu there are some 20,000 infected systems in India, which is the third-highest number of DNS infections after the US and Italy.

If DNSChanger is not removed from those computers, users won’t be able to connect to the Internet.

DNSChanger was first discovered in 2007. The payload effectively manipulates the Domain Name Servers (DNS), which translate syntax-based URLs into IP addresses. and redirects traffic to other sites

To make your system free from this virus, you can check your computer at www.dns-ok.us/. If the computer is clean, you’ll get a big green image, and if it’s not, you’ll get a red screen. The only issue with that site is that sometimes it doesn’t work. One could visit http://www.dcwg.org/detect/ to know more.

The best method of protection is to shift from your existing Operating System (if it is not Linux) to Linux, and stay cool, like me. DNSChanger targets Windows or Mac systems by and so, Linux, iOS and Android users have no threat. According to some it the malware may however change the router settings, if connected to an infected system.

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