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Anonymous strikes against Censorship

According to a news in the AsianAge today, the Anonymous group again makes a strike in the matter which has been claimed as important to the group – Internet Censorship and corruption. “OpIndia” group has hacked government servers and posted large files of complaints received online by the Tamilnadu police and its responses on Anonymous India’s Facebook page.

The group said its motive was not to release classified data but only to make a point that governments should not censor the Internet and that they were against corruption in the country. The group of techies posted data including names, addresses and mobile phone numbers of complainants along with their complaints.The replies were also posted on the Facebook account.

“It is pretty bad. They had pulled out data from the online complaint section. We are plugging the holes,” said a senior police official on Monday. The Tamilnadu Police website is maintained by the State Crime Record Bureau.

Even though the Anonymous India FB page claims to have hacked data from the Tamilnadu government’s official website www.tn.gov.in, the hacked data had details only from the state police department’s online complaint section.

In an interview to a website, a member of the group had claimed that their group consisted of about 15 techies and students who were 20 to 40 years old.

They had reportedly started hacking government websites to protest against a court order blocking file sharing websites in the country.

The group also claimed that they had not done any permanent damage to any of the files that they had hacked.

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