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Internet – the medium of those who have access to it

In this blog I broadly produce or reproduce interesting news and information on technology and related things. Today’s post I must dedicate to the new media and the potential it has in offer for any person who has access to it.

A girl of class 11 was molested by a mob of around 20 on the busy road when she was coming out of a club after a birthday party. The video shot by a person was posted on the YouTube, which went viral. The faces of culprits identified from the video are everywhere on the facebook, one of India’s favorite social networking platform. Subsequently pressure was created by the media, civil society, and 4 arrests were made by the Police. The Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi, later intervened and set a deadline for the police to nab the all the accused identified in the Guwahati molestation case

This incident while on one side raises a lot of questions about the society where we live and our safety, it doe make one important point- the control of news-making in the hands of a commoner, and the potential of anybody to be able to create and re-publish or share the messages — like in multipier effect.

Internet does challenges the way in which traditional media behaves– with gatekeepers and less representation of the media consumers. It allows anyone who has access to it, to be able to produce, and share news and concern. The Police was silent at he first place. And who knows without the reach which Youtube has given to the matter, it would have been probably limited to local newspaper in a 2×2 space.

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