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US company releases game with Kali as a porn star

It seems that Hi-Rez studios, a US-based company hasn’t taken a lesson from the brewery company, which had to apologize earlier for naming a beer after a Hindu goddess.

The leading US based video game manufacturer, has depicted Goddess Kali as a sultry porn character in its latest online game SMITE. (https://account.hirezstudios.com/smitegame/#)

According to the reports, in the game, an online battleground of mythical gods and goddess has been presented in which the deity can be seen as slutty femme fatale. The company has also featured the other Hindu gods like Vamana and Agni in the game’s programme. It is now featuring “Bakasura, The Great Devourer” as a Smite God.

The Hindu community and leading Hindu organizations across the world staged protest against the portrayal of the revered Hindu deity as a combat porn-star. In fact, Catholics, Jews and Buddhists worldwide marked their protest demanding immediate removal of Goddess Kali from the online game.

Earlier, An American Brewery company had named a beer after the Goddess but soon after the protests, it not only apologized but also decide to rename the product.

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