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The battle of tech giants

The two tech giants – Apple and Samsung are to take their patent battle to a federal jury trial in San Jose. The trial is expected to be a weeks-long court fight.

Apple and Samsung, are the world’s largest consumer electronics companies, and are accusing each other of patent violations as they fight for dominance in the mobile devices market. This fight began last year when Apple sued Samsung accusing it of copying the iPhone and iPad models. In response to this Samsung countersued.

The US District Court of Northern California Judge Lucy Koh of  will spend much of Monday on jury selection. A 10-member jury will hear evidence. If there is time, the two sides will be able to present open arguments. The trial will resume on Tuesday and for the first two weeks, the trial will take place Monday, Tuesday and Friday. If the trial stretching into a third week, it will meet every day.

Apple alleges that Samsung has illegally produced knockoffs of Apple’s iPhone and iPad products. In the lawsuit, filed last year, Apple seeks $2.5 billion in damages. If Apple wins the sum, it would be the largest patent-related verdict in history. The two companies have been fighting in court over other issues as well.

Samsung has been ordered to pull its Galaxy 10.1 tablet from the U.S. market until the trial is complete. Samsung argues that some of the technology in question has been standard across the telecom industry for years — and Apple itself has copied products off of other companies. It said Apple developed its iPhone by copying off of Sony. It denies allegations that it created knockoffs of Apple’s products.

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