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Jan Lokpal on Twitter

The Jan Lokpal movement is spreading  on Twitter.

The Anna Hazare led movement demanding formulation of a strict law onLokpal- Jan Lokpal (People’s Lokpal) is abuzz on twitter with more than Two lakh then thousand people following the twitter handle.

The handle is now being followed by 214,480 (morning 6.50, 31 July 2012), with only 14,784 tweets.

People are using Twitter as a a medium to raise their voices and support Jan Lokpal. Anonymous, the loose hackers group has also shown support for the movement. It has tweeted on “Anonymous hereby pledge to fight against corruption in Indian system #OpRiseINDIA ENGAGED!”

Here I am posting some of the tweets and re-tweets by Jan Lokpal:

Vinita Deshmukh@VinitaDeshmukh : If you cannot be on streets, then be on tweets. Support Anna in anyway you can.

VISHAL DADLANI@V1SH4L : The People’s voice must not be a violent one, or an abusive, name-calling one. Let’s maintain dignity, decorum and a sense of true purpose!

Devendra Kumar@dev_ism : Indian Archers Team want to join IAC-UK team in Protest. Hope they get permission. @janlokpal #Jantar MAntar #Anna

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar@SriSriSpeaks :I appeal to Annaji & Team Anna to call off the fast imm. We will continue to fight the menace of corruption together with greater resolve.

Shekhar Kapur@shekharkapur : #Anna risks his life fasting for r future n v say its his personal political ambition?Does he need 2 die 2 convince us?

Rahul Kanwal@rahulkanwal : For the record, no body in Govt stopped us from reporting on Anna earlier & no one has asked us to go now. These charges are ridiculous.

Anupam Kher@AnupamPkher: My participation in Anna’s movement stems out of d values taught to me by family & my belief that “We The People” CAN make a difference.:)

Piyush Bhatia@piyushbbhatia : Are you just reading tweets? IAC Mumbai needs thousands of volunteers…. come to Azad Maidan, CST!

ashutosh@ashutoshibn7: i am at Jantar Mantar. Critics should take back their words and should stop discounting people’s mood.

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