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Jan Lokpal – Tweet picks today

People at Kanpur, Nashik, Chennai, Mumbai, students from Delhi are supporting Anna Hazare in his fast to demand Jan Lokpal. But this time support seems to be little. Though thousands have thronged Jantar Mantar, Anna needs support from all others in India and from Indians who are residing outside India. Twitter however, saw some momentum today. Here are todays’ tweet picks.

Janlokpal@janlokpal : RT @krissna94: KUDOS to Archana Puran Singh and Parmeet Singh.. Making them relevant to the society which is larger than individual

KJS Arora@KJS_Arora : God helps those who help Anna ji in this fight against corruption @janlokpal

Janlokpal@janlokpal: RT @bankim_boss: ANNA Rally Goregaon (E), Oberoi Mall to Santosh Ngr MKT 02/08 5:30 pm. Thali Bajao Prog @7 pm. Come Out of House & protest

ravi srivastava@ravi4354: Mumbai referendumon1st Augst dont waste precious lives of Anna arvind give befitting political alterntive @janlokpal @IACMumbai @Srinaga007

Ratan Maitra@ratanmaitra : @janlokpal Arvind Kejriwal speaks on evening of 8th day of his fast on notice by Delhi police. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rx7JPZw8tpM&feature=youtu.be Arvind – DP Notice 8 day

RavindraIBN7@RavindraAmbekar : IAC suspended agitation at pune for one day. Tendered cooperation to investigation agencies #puneblasts @janlokpal

Ganesh Natarajan@GaneshNatarajan: Sad that while we all speculate on how the Anna fast will end nobody expects any movement forward on the Janlokpal Bill – have we given up ?

PRASHANT KUMAR@prashantwa : I am proud to be associated with #Janlokpal #JantarMantar movement. Also i am proud to be Indian.

punit modhgil@Modhgil:CCTVs in Pune not working. Tell me something new? @janlokpal will restore the long lost accountability and deterrence in our governance.

Chhavi Negi@chhavinegi: This guy kindda understands what I feel for Janlokpal. I may not blindly support Team Anna but I want corruption to go. http://www.facebook.com/notes/nitin-gupta/with-love-to-ndtv-cnn-ibn-times-now-the-rest/10150936247016384Sunayana Sharma@Sunayana_sgi: This Rakhsha Bandhan belongs to @janlokpal ….straight to jantar mantar from work!!!

Tavleen Singh Aroor@Tavysingh : So, here you go… Was waiting for this to happen. Former Army Chief Gen V K Singh on stage with Team Anna @janlokpal

The Unconquerable@shripalgandhi: @JungleKaMangal And sadly, Janlokpal Bill will not reform other aspects of the “System”. The rot is too deep and malaise is too widespread.

Janlokpal@janlokpal: RT @CandidlySaid: Justice Krishna aiyer, Ret Gen VK Singh, Santosh Hegde, Kuldeep Nayar, Anupam Kher and more present on stage!

Sharad Joshi ® @sharad_51 : @janlokpal Humble advice dont get into politics now, if u really want2,1st wait for some more time else you ll end up helping congress aryan rana@Being_Indians: Anti corruption Hunger strike enters 9day,what next for India‘s Lokpal? Lord Shani’s transit in Libra Aug4 is key to this movements success

Mehul_Vaidya @Mehul_Vaidya: Yes but imp that its a beginning “@Vidyut: I don’t think JanLokpal will fix much.I supprt Anna, because they r the only ones confronting….

Shailendra Pandey@shailphoto : @ArvindKejriwal7 I want to see Kiran as a President and Arvind as a Prime minister and Anna as a Party Chief @janlokpal @thekiranbedi


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