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Our approach to cyber security is ad hoc and piecemeal – says Shashi Tharoor

Dr. Shashi Tharoor, author, diplomat and lawmaker, has said in a speech on cyber security from Gulf Today – India’s defense establishment is vulnerable to cyber attacks and the perception has been underscored by frequent invasions of Indian cyberspace successfully. He posted the link on his twitter timeline.

“India’s own style of dealing with cyber threats leaves much to be desired. It is relatively chaotic and there is a constant insecurity in the minds of observers that our cyber-defences are inefficient” the former UN undersecretary general said. “Our approach appears to have been ad hoc and piecemeal, with organizations supposed to be responsible, but without clarity on how to develop a capable system,” he said while delivering the keynote address at the International conference on cyber security organised by Kerala police here on Friday.

There are some 12 stakeholders in protecting the cyber defences of India, including the Home Affairs Ministry, the National Disaster Management Authority, National Information Board and a motley crew of others. They are together responsible for the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, which is the principal national agency. “Such a large number of bosses, I would argue, is not conducive to efficiency. This is not to cast aspersions on our host, the Kerala Police, who are undoubtedly doing a good job at the state level. But the national situation leaves much to be desired,” said Dr Tharoor.

Quoting from the well-known international relations theorist, Joseph Nye, he said the threat that sounds most “dramatic” and “most forbidding in its potential” is Cyber War, the unauthorized invasion by a government into the systems or networks of another government or state.

This could be done either to disrupt those systems, to damage them partially, or to destroy them entirely.

“To put it simply, there is no point having excellent missiles and weapons if the delivery systems can be paralysed.”“The bombs and missiles with all their explosive capabilities will merely stay put while the government scrambles to rise from its unexpected debilitation.”

source: http://gulftoday.ae

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