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Apple Vs Samsung- one after one, secrets are being revealed

The patent war between Apple and Samsung began last week and within five days tech industry and public in general has become privy to many of Apple’s closely guarded secrets.

Many of these revelations are which Apple has over the years fought hard to keep under wraps. Samsung’s lawyers questioned many department heads of Apple, who described the process involved in developing the revolutionary devices made by the company and many other little-known facets of its strategy.

This very interesting story is published today in Times of India.

  1. Apple’s senior vice president of industrial design Sir Jonathan Ive, who is well known among Apple enthusiasts as Jony, revealed that the tech giant scrapped the iPhone “multiple times.” He said that the company felt that it could not solve fundamental issues with the earlier prototypes. One of the problems he cited was that the on-screen keys would be pressed automatically when the user put the device next to his or her ear. There were many other issues which made the think-tank at Apple feel that the project was not going to work.
  2. During the proceedings, Apple’s senior vice president of iOS software revealed that the iconic iPhone was developed under Project Purple. This project came with several riders, for example, Forstall could not hire anyone for the team from outside Apple. Forstall also said the team had a sign saying ‘Fight Club’ and “the first rule of the Purple Project is you don’t talk about the Purple Project.” Those selected to work on the device were not even told what they were making, all they knew was that they were “going to have to give up nights and weekends probably for a of couple years.” The team was assigned a whole floor with cameras and badge readers in one of the buildings in the Cupertino headquarters and the team members sometimes had to pass 5-6 locked doors.
  3. A huge revelation in the case was that Steve Jobs was ‘receptive’ towards the idea of a smaller iPad. Apple’s senior vice president for internet and software services, Eddy Cue wrote an email to the company co-founder stating that there is a market for a 7-inch tablet and the tech giant should “do one.” Nevertheless, Jobs decried the smaller tablet during his lifetime, saying that the reduced size of the screen would not allow the company to “express the software.”
  4. Many times Apple has claimed that it does not conduct surveys, but trial revealed that the marketing team at the Cupertino-based giant does “surveys of customers.” During four consecutive quarters, the team under Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing, would ask Apple customers questions via phone or internet.
  5. Apple has deep pockets and it certainly had no qualms in spending huge bucks on advertising its iPhone and iPad. The budget allocated to the two products as revealed is: iPhone – 2008 fiscal: $97.5 million; 2009 fiscal: $149.6 million; 2010 fiscal: $173.3 million | iPad – 2010 fiscal: $149.5 million; 2011 fiscal: $307.7 million.
  6. Apple once considered developing the iPhone with curved-glass design, but it eventually ditched the concept due to high costs. Doug Satzger, a former Apple designer who worked on the initial iPhone generations, said “The technology in shaping the glass, the cost relative to shaping the glass at the time, and some of the design features of this specific shape were not liked.” Another design looked akin to the iPod mini, with an extruded aluminium look, but this was shelved as well. The issue was “there were too many added features to allow it to be comfortable and to work properly,” says Satzger.
  7. Schiller revealed that every time Apple launches a new iPhone, it sells more than all previous generations put together. Apple does not release the sales data for each device it sells at present, but the documents it has submitted to the court includes the same. The data consists of sales summaries for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Apple does not want this to become public during the course of the trial. However, Samsung is pressing for revealing the figures, which are set to come up during the case.
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