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What development plans cannot achieve, general elections can

The UPA government is planning to distribute mobiles to BPL families in India, with tax payers money. The move is aimed at generating votes for the General Elections 2014 (GE2014). Is free talktime every month the next plan?

It is learnt that the PMO is in talks with the Planning Commission and the telecom ministry in giving the scheme worth Rs 7,000 crores a final shape.

The  scheme called ‘Har Haath Mein Mobile’ is meant to benefit a few million families is expected to be announced by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Independence Day, August 15. These families will also receive free 200 minutes of free local talk time. But the cost of spectrum, the carrier of voice and data services are not being reduced. With this plan in hand the government needs to also ensure that the cost factors do not stand in the way of these mobile device being put to some use after the 200 minutes talktime is exhausted.

The poverty indicators suggest that, of the 1.21 billion people of India, only 38 per cent are illiterate, about 420 million poor live in only eight states, almost 250 million people do not have access to basic medical care, around 350 million do not have access to safe drinking water.

But this has not deterred the growth of telecom market in the country. India’s mobile market is growing at a phenomenal rate, with a ratio of 70 mobiles per 100 people and is 2nd in the world in terms of its growing telecom market. This figures were released in the recent World Bank Report Information and Communications for Development 2012: Maximizing Mobile.

The government has plainly avoided the fact that even the basic requirements for a health living are lacking in poor areas. People need food (much of which got wasted in the godown due to lack to storage facilities, people have to walk long distances for water. A whopping 53 per cent of our children are undernourished and 52 per cent of our primary schools have only one teacher for every two classes.

Mobile phones has the capability to transform lives by connecting people with the world, but, is just not the priority now? But how could the use be then, sustained.

“Give electricity first, how will a poor man charge the mobile when there is no electricity?. The government does not have a mechanism to track corruption while implementing these schemes. This is a pure election gimmick to divert attention of the people from the realities of today’s times,” said Balbir Punj, BJP leader.

Critics also see this move as UPA’s motive to communicate with this important electorate who play a big role during polls.

source: socialissuesindia.wordpress.com, World Bank Report Information and Communications for Development 2012: Maximizing Mobile, newsbullet.in

  1. August 12, 2012 at 6:07 am

    A Saviour Scheme ?

    Montek Singh Ahluwalia ( Dy.Chairman – Planning Commission ) is scheming to handout free handsets to 71 million poor ( Below Poverty Line ) families, at a cost of Rs 7000 Crores – each mobile costing Rs 1,000 /-

    Finance Minister , P.Chidambaram is opposing saying, “ this is money down the drain “

    If he is smart , he should stop opposing and start pushing to give away Smart phones , costing Rs.10,000 /- each ( no doubt , Kapil Sibal will pitch for Rs 1200/- Aakash2 Tablet with SIM card )

    Each phone to be integrated / pre-installed with :

     “ Mobile Wallet “ of Sam Pitroda

     “ Aadhar Number “ of Nandan Nilekani

     “ Aakash2 Educational Apps “ of Kapil Sibal

     “ Vote for Congress “ App of Sonia Gandhi

    Here are the advantages ( if escaped your notice ) :

     Political Advantage

    All 71 million votes cast , using the voting App , will go to local Congress candidate , by default , ensuring absolute majority in State Legislatures and in Lok Sabha elections of 2014
    Narendra Modi : please take note !

     Economic Advantages

    • TELCOS will stop complaining about Rs 14,000 Crore spectrum auction fees. Their ARPU will go up

    • Industrial production will go up

    • GDP will go up

     Social Advantages

    • Subsidy leakages will be eliminated by mobile-transferring of Rs 1,000 / – ( using Mobile Wallet ) , directly to each BPL family , every month. Government will recover the Scheme-cost ( Rs 70,000 Crores ) in just 1 year !

    • Corruption in PDS will go down

    • Distance-Education and Skills Training will improve dramatically thru use of pre-installed Apps

    • Rural jobseekers ( without access to PC/Internet cable ) will be able to get “ Job-alerts on Mobile “ , with each phone morphing into a “ Mobile Internet Kiosk “

    • Farmers’ mobiles will get instantly credited with the “ Sale Value “ of grains procured by Government

     Governance Advantages

    No strikes / bandhs / agitations / dharanas / fasts-unto-death etc by Aruna / Arundhati / Arvind / Anna / Baba etc

    Don’t bother to kill 2 birds with 1 stone

    Kill 4 problems with 1 Smart phone !

    With regards

    hemen parekh


    Jobs for All = Peace on Earth

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