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“We Don’t Spy on Congress”

January 15, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments


The National Security Agency (NSA) director,  Gen. Keith Alexander have told Sen says that the government is not spying on Congress.


In response to question posed by Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the Army Chief Gen. Keith responded in a two-page letter. According to USAToday, in the letter he  says “nothing NSA does can fairly be characterized as ‘spying on members of Congress or other American elected officials.”


In his question Sanders mentioned “they know about the phone calls made by every person in this country, where they’re calling, who they’re calling and how long they’re on the phone.” He also was concerned about “the information collected by the NSA has the potential to give an unscrupulous administration enormous power over elected officials.”


Army Chief mentioned that the “telephone metadata program incorporates extraordinary controls to protect Americans’ privacy interests.” The queries are based on telephone numbers.

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