About TechKhabaren

Why I created TechKhabaren?

All medium- text, audio-visual, image, audio… are converging into one ‘new medium’ which enjoys being the backbone of a new information highway. Internet is no doubt the medium of future, but whether it is free, or it comes with a cost is debatable. I however agree, that this highway changes the way a consumer of news consumes information and the way a consumer reacts to news, publish or re-publish news, choose to express personal views on social media (public platforms). (Read What Internet does to you?)

With computers getting more and more convenient and affordable in form of netbooks, tablets, smartphones to say, and Internet reaching more people than ever, it would be interesting to keep a track of how this shift is taking place in bits-bytes and chunks, faster than ever and other aspects associated with this

In 2012 when the consumers (users) of Twitter overtook those of print in UK, I though it was a good day to begin this blog… dedicated to technology, the new media, the new consumer, privacy concerns and the new capabilities, and the futuristic technology. In this blog I will talk about developments in technology and Internet specifically, on the way this new media is progressing into the future, and about – spectrum, and products and information which could be of interest to a common man.


I am working now with BBC Hindi as Multimedia Producer. Before this, I was with Dainik Bhaskar Media Group as Chief Sub-Editor (Technology).

This blog TechKhabaren is for informational purposes only and has nothing to do with my profession. I share my thoughts on varied issues on technology on TechKhabaren.

TechKhabaren does not attempt to collect any user information except page views on a particular article. The blog does not use cookies and requests you to subscribe to the news feed for interesting stories.

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