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Video: Modi-A Message to you

April 8, 2014 Leave a comment

Modi-A message to you Do you want to have a look at BJP’s candidate for the PM post in India? Delhi’s The Ska Vengers, has released an animated video for their song- ‘Modi, A Message to You’, that is meant to take you on a quick flashback on this journey. This video covers a fast action packed journey in 2.24, where an animated character (lookalike of Modi) overcomes all hurdles. By hurdle the group means  major controversies around the character.


This is an animated, caricatured character that resembles the CM of Gujarat. He’s running, running, running. Trampling over small huts while massive factories appear. Pumping up the development figures of Gujarat. Flying on his little Reliable Airlines charter plane. Putting people in jail. There’s a hapless television news reporter chasing after ol’ Modi, trying to confront him about his actions. But true to form, the Modi machine never stops, relentless in its forward march with not a second where his smile goes away.


Read more about the video here.