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In Europe Android and Samsung dominate

Despite patent fight, the market in Europe shows choice towards Android and Samsung. This Korean giant is strengthening its grip in several European countries. According to the latest sales data (from the last 12 weeks) from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, Samsung is leading the Android pack with 45% share across Europe.

In Great Britain, Android finds itself at the top with 59.5% share of smartphone sales, followed by iOS with 22.9%. RIM’s Blackberry slid 10.7% from last year’s number and is now a distant third with 10.9% share. Meanwhile, a 22.7% jump solidifies Android’s market share in Germany, where it is comfortably ahead with 71.5% in July 2012, followed by iOS and Windows Phone at 15.3% and 4.6%.

Android holds a 61.5% market share in France, while iOS saw its sales tumble by 6.3% to settle at 14%. RIM, against all odds, improved its sales in the country by 0.1% and now holds a 9.2% market share. In Italy, Android is number one with 54.8%, followed by iOS and Symbian with 17.2% and 12.8%.

Source: androidauthority.com

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