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Samsung Smart TVs fall in love with Linux, All TVs to run Tizen

samsung smart TV

samsung smart TV based on Tizen

All the Samsung Smart TVs in year 2015 will run on Tizen operating system (OS) which is based on the open source Linux platform.

Samsung has announced that all its “Smart TVs in 2015 will be equipped with its new platform built around the Tizen operating system.”

Tizen OS is Samsung’s own new operating system which is also a foot forward in the direction of moving away from Android OS, which is hugely popular choice in tablets and smartphones.

The new Tizen based smart TVs will let the users check team and player statistics during a game while watching TV at the same time. The TV remote and camera together would allow the user to play PlayStation games on the TV and the user would also be able to stream content from the smartphone to the TV and more (well this feature is already in few TVs and smartphones). The new feature also will enable the user to enjoy watching TV on mobile phone even when TV is switched off.

The TV will support Wi-Fi Direct and Bluetooth and will be able to share content across multiple devices.

Samsung already has its Gear smartwatches in the market with Tizen OS on board.

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